From Admin Assistant to Executive Director and Beyond
I Did It. And So Can You. This is my journey...
Chapter 1: The Beginning
In my early twenties, I was in a job with a terrible boss. I had landed a job for which I was supposed to start in three months time, but a headhunter kept calling me about another position. I went to the interview, just to check it out, and once I met the boss I would be working with and heard that I would be helping him build up an education and research institute with high ambitions, I felt this job was for me. I let the other company know I wasn't going to be joining them after all and signed on to what would turn into quite an adventure.

Chapter 2: The Ascent
Working directly with the Managing Director, I did everything in my power to make sure our organisation could move ahead, despite working with a very limited budget. I worked not only with professors and PhD students, but was also exposed to local bank leaders who were interested in furthering our mission. We made good progress and after a certain time, our foundation was merged to become a Swiss-wide organisation. 

By this time, I had taken on responsibility for the operations for all of our research activities as well as all issues related to our foundation board, which was made up of banking leaders and university presidents in Switzerland. It was a fantastic journey and I learned a lot from my mentors. One day, my boss informed me that he was being recruited to the Swiss National Bank in a leading position. Our organisation was left without a Managing Director, and for 14 months I was at the helm with the support of the President of our Foundation Board. It was a challenging, exhilarating, and formative period, to say the least!

The foundation recruited a new Managing Director, again with whom I worked directly. During this period, I became Executive Director of the organisation and, in parallel, did an MBA at the University of Rochester which opened my eyes to even more exciting prospects in business. 

I stayed in the Executive Director role for nearly 3 years and gained solid experience, but worked crazy hours and was very stressed out. I realised during that time that the Executive Director role left me with responsibilities I was not attracted to and was not creative, in the least. Finally, I had absolutely no time for my family, friends, nor for myself. I felt like something needed to change and, in agreement with my Director, I reduced my workload to 80% and moved into a role in which I focused on running our faculty and PhD program. I was happy to connect with all of these individuals, to support them in contributing to our mission, and helping our small, private foundation, become known internationally as being among the top finance research and training institutes world-wide. 
Chapter 3: The Plateau
After nearly 20 years of working in the same area, I started feeling the itch to do something where I could give back after having such a great career advancement and learning so much from so many great people. I decided mentoring would be a good way to go.
Chapter 4: The Summit
I am now working towards reaching the summit! I continue to do the work I have loved for so long, but in addition I am now mentoring and coaching women who need some guidance and support. 

I have been through a lot over my career and love to encourage women to do their best in the workplace. 

If you are ready to take your work to the next level, please reach out to me so that we can connect. By filling in your email below, you will be informed any time I release strategies and tips for how to move forward in the workplace and become a sought-after employee.
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